Dominique Dalcan



Single (2017)

Texte de présentation du l'oeuvre originale intitulée "Taipei"
spécialement composée et enregistrée pour Optical Sound 

Grâce à l'initiative des caméras sonores, direction l'île de Taîwan.
J'ai le plaisir à vous proposer ces images hypnotiques des villes d’Asie.
Ici avec ce flux video, tous les éléments du décor s'accordent à accueillir la musique.
Où on entend, dans cette dernière, la complexité entre la nature et la ville.
Un cri lointain et organique imprégné dans cette vidéo de surveillance.

About the artist

Since the early nineties, the music made by Dominique Dalcan has always been searching to express feelings in their most dizzying, ambivalent states.
But his material shun the “not for everyone” category : he makes things beautiful, enjoyable and accessible. His writing is part of a French introspective and poetic tradition, sonically Dalcan has explored sonic textures.
His discography is part modern songwriting – under his own name – and part instrumental, cinematic, sample-heavy tunes, under the Snooze pseudonym.
The music press described him as an early adopter of UK dance culture, then as a pioneer of new Gallic electronic pop.
His work has been remixed by Autechre or Matthew Herbert, and arranged by Clare Fisher (Prince, Tom Jobim) and Keith Grant (Scott Walker).
Dominique Dalcan decided to create music mixed with visual elements, still or moving. The idea is to build a sound-and-image entity to hide his former artist persona.
That’s why the French signed this new chapter of his career with a moniker matching his fresh approach : Temperance.
And Dominique precisely shows temperance when using machines. He prefers slow waves of emotion rather than loud and intense peaks when he builds his synthetic and impressionistic tracks.